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Our Design Process

Our story...

Creating a custom mural is a collaboration between the artists and the betrothed. We will take you through the following process to create a mural that is unique to you. 

The entire design process can take a while, therefore we suggest contacting us early, preferably at least 3 months before event.

Design Process

Mood board

Pattern from a sentimental quilt

1. You send us photos of inspiration. The photos can be pinterest photos you like, photos from your own life or anything that seems relevant to what you would like your wedding mural to be about. We will also discuss colors and wedding theme overall.


2. We create a mood board to give you an idea of the direction and color theme for your mural.

3. Once the mood board is approved we move onto designing you digital design sketch.


Tree in the backyard of couples first place

Developed sketch from us based on moodboard

Inspiration images from internet

Design Sketch

  • When the developed sketch is sent, it is your turn to approve the design.

  • If you have some small revisions or color tweaks we can make those at this point.

  • When you have approved the design we begin your painting!

Approved Sketch

The_Other_Side_Of_The_Pine 5 (1)_edited.

Final Painting

Painting can​ take up to a month to complete. The mural is painted on a piece of canvas that has been gessoed. We sketch out the design and use acrylic paint. Before you get your mural it will have an isolation coat and a topcoat of satin varnish to protect it.

The painting is hung on dowels on the top and bottom to keep the piece flat.

We love to document our process on instagram so you can follow along there!

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