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Our Mural Collection

Checkered Hills

Romantic Wisconsin landscape with soft earthy hues. Subtle checkered pattern in the hills along with stripes of farm fields. 

Size: About 6'8" wide 8' tall

Clean lines from painting to canvas border.

Rental price: $300 

Wavy Figs

Funky and graphic showstopper. Works for many event styles to bring design and color. 

Size: About 5' wide 5' tall

Scalloped edges

Rental price: $250 

Peony Bouquet

Beautiful peachy pink peonies. The flower of spring time or really whenever you want it. 

Size: About 5' wide 5' tall

Cleanly cut edges

Rental price: $250 

Hollyhock forest

Forest landscape painting with a bit of whimsey. It features a lot of soft blues and sage greens with a light peachy blush in the sky.

Size: About 5' wide 7' tall

 Soft frayed canvas edges with boarder.

Rental price: $300